Pure and simple

Allow me to introduce myself, I want you to come a little closer.
I'd like you to get to know me a little bit better. Meet the real me.

So here it is...
No hype, no gloss, no pretense. Just me.

People often say that Saarlooswolfdog owners have to be a bit cuckoo in the head to devote their lives to their beloved fourlegged friends.

Let's meet the the twoleggers behind Lykos Saarlooswolfdogs.


Some twenty years ago I moved from the cosy province of North Brabant (NL) to the busy city of Antwerp (BE). After I graduated, I got 'stuck' in Belgium as the locals say and swapped the bustling and lively city for the green and quiet Noorderkempen area close to the Dutch border. 

We now had enough space and time for a dog. I have always had English Springer Spaniels at home, but I wanted a more quirky and headstrong breed. The rest is history.

With an ADD brain it is difficult to sit still, so I keep looking for new challenges, new learning moments.

First I got my degree as a translator Dutch-English-French-German, then Interior Design, a postgraduate degree Bioecologic Building and Living, on to Landscape Design and I just finished my course in Ecological Landscaping.

As part of my training programme to become a breed judge for the Saarlooswolfdog, I'll be taking an extensive course in general cynology and hone the specific breed knowledge. As I have been involved in the genetic research project for the Saarlooswolfdog the past couple of years, I have done courses on applied clinical pharmacology, neurology & behaviour, (epi)genetics, movement & kinesiology and hope to complete my professional certificate 'Animal Breeding & Genetics' at Wageningen University later this year.