Film & TV work

Training Saarlooswolfdogs for a film or TV-series is no small feat. They need to obey without fault and have no fear of cameras, crowds or loud noises. Voice commands is not always possible with sound recordings. Your dog will need to follow different orders and respond to the slightest hand signals.

We therefore practice with a clicker and subtile sign language on a daily basis, assisted by professional animal trainers. Here's a short overview of our work so far. To be continued ...

Undercover - S02E08 "Roadblock"

2020 © De Mensen

Our Daya has a small part in the popular TV-series 'Undercover'. When Bob (Tom Waes) is in a hurry to get to his appointment and gets distracted by his mobile phone, a wolfdog suddently appears in front of his car. He can nearly avoid a collision and stops his car across the road. The dog looks at him before disappearing into the woods.

MOOST Wanted

2020 © MOOST Wanted & Alaïa Fonk Art Direction

Daya and Kerberos in the new advertising campaign for lifestyle brand 'MOOST Wanted' - Autumn Collection
"Memoirs of a Muse".

A brand for and by woman with the powerful title 
"For My Fellow Women..."

On That Ass

2020 © On That Ass & Snotyoung Creative Studio

The commercial as seen on TV and Social Media for underwear brand 'On That Ass' with our Daya as an extra.

Discover your inner warrior with MASOU.
We dare you to wear it !