Out of sight, but never gone from our hearts

Elysium - also know as Elysion, the fields of Elysium, les Champs-Elysées - is the Greek mythological paradise where the righteous deceased may spend the rest of eternity. 

Here we honour our beloved pets and keep their memory alive.

Sirios Lykos Helios aka "Hikaru"

°15-jan-2019 - † 05-nov-2020

Unfortunately, we had to let Sirios Lykos Helios a.k.a. Hikaru go on 5th November 2020.  After many tests and research, Hikaru was diagnosed with congenital kidney dysplasia. This means that the kidneys were not correctly formed and positioned, and would slowly lose their function. For this disease there is no treatment nor cure. With various medication and therapies we tried to give him some extra time but in the end his body couldn’t cope anymore. The choices made were all for his benefit. He will be missed dearly, but we take comfort in the fact that he is no longer in pain and that we have let him go with dignity.

Goodbye my little sun, may your star shine bright across the sky and point the way to those who are now lost without you. Until we meet again.

Bengalspots Shaitan

°07-Apr-2007 - † 24-Oct-2019

My first cat, my best friend, the constant factor in my life, my crazy 'tanneman'. Now Shaitan is gone, we notice how quiet our house is. He was always asking for attention, chatting away, wanted to be part of everything and loved to ride along on your arm all day. In the evening, he would jump on your lap and force Styx to move aside. One day we found him on the kitchen floor with a weird look in his eyes. After 2 weeks of fighting, there was no improvement and because he was clearly in pain, we decided to let him go. 

"I was just a kitten when we first met, I loved you from the start.
You picked me up and took me home, placed me in your heart. 
Good times we had together, we shared all life could throw,
but years passed all too quickly, my time has come to go.
I know how much you miss me, I know your heart is sore,
I see the tears that fall when I'm not waiting at the door.
You always did your best for me, your love was plain to see.
For even though it broke your heart, you set my spirit free.
So please be brave without me, one day we'll meet once more,
for when you're called to the heavens, I'll be waiting at the door."

Seraphiel Lykos Elysion aka "Raffi"

°15-Jan-2019 - † 19-Feb-2019

Raffi was the smallest of the litter. Despite his 150 gr birth weight he was a real fighter and almost reached the 1 kg threshold. Unfortunately, he developed some issues and was first diagnosed with non-heriditary congenital PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease). We could have kept him alive for weeks or months with medication, but he would have never grown old , would alway remain small and would not be able to play or live with dignity. This is why we decided to let him go. 

Update: recent research showed that Raffi's diagnosis was incorrect and was changed to congenital juvenile renal dysplasia instead.