Daya Wakanda Tachunga

/'dai:a/: energy, power 

Our girl and first Saarlooswolfdog. She is still as headstrong and bold as when she was 4 weeks old and showed us: I choose this family!

Daya seems very open and social, but is actually not a big fan of people. She clearly shows her preferences and doesn't want anything to do with some individuals. She is very observative and notices the tiniest difference in behaviour, attitude, feelings or situation, which makes her more sensitive to stimulation. Daya comes from a so-called 'working line' and prefers an active life, as long as things advance - even when her owners can no longer keep up. She loves to work for treats and is very trainable. Dog school is way too boring, so we have switched to clicker training with the help of other Saarloos people and now to hand signals. She is perfectly suited for photoshoots and has been on television as well.

Now that she has had two litters, she has become more of an adult and lost some sharp edges. She's still a female though and her character is quite different from the males, there is a reason we call her our ADHD jumping jackrabbit from a bitchybitch line !

father: Damon-Draak Sawoduwhi aka 'Zoran'
mother: Nuca-Nanook Wakanda Tachunga
born: 13-Aug-2016 in Germany
DNA profile: Laboklin 1609-W-29853
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM): healthy carrier - blood test
Pituitary Dwarfism (Dw): healthy carrier - blood test
blood for genetic research project in Bern (CH): yes
Hip Dysplasia (HD): A
Elbow Dysplasia (ED): 0/0
PRA & cataract: currently clear 21-Apr-2018, 13-Apr-2019 & 31-Aug-2020, 27-Nov-2021 & 26-Nov-2022
ECVO eye test: all clear 21-Apr-2018, 13-Apr-2019, 31-Aug-2020, 27-Nov-2021 & 26-Nov-2022
breeding permits:
- Belgian Conformity to the Breed Standard 21-Jul-2018 & 
- Breeding Licence Flemish Breeding Commitee
   (Art. 36 Flemish Breeding Decree)

character: usually open and sociable, sometimes reserved
height: 63 cm - weight: 30 kg

MyDogDNA / Wisdom panel:
Genetic Health Index (GHI): 94
Genetic Diversity (GD):
28 %
B-locus: B/b - brown carrier
I-locus: I/i - mid intensity

Coefficient of inbreeding (COI) on 5 generations: 1,64 %
Coefficient of inbreeding (COI) on 9 generations: 27 ,08%
Coefficient of inbreeding (COI) on 9 generations: 53,27 %
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK) on 5 generations: 93,55


International Beauty Champion - Luxemburg Champion - German Champion - Dutch Champion - Belgian Champion - Belgian Junior Champion | Alpensieger 2021 - Bundessieger 2021 - Dutch Winner 2019 - Belgian Winner 2019 - Benelux Junior Winner 2017 - Belgian Junior Winner 2017 - Best Junior NVSWH Championship Clubmatch 2017