Lifelong Learning

The greatest lesson I have learned in life is that I still have a lot to learn

The world does not wait for you to keep up. We want to stay informed on the newest developments, trends, techniques and ideas, which makes lifelong learning anything but a myth, but a stonecold necessity. Knowledge is the key to growth, innovation, understanding, communication and success. You first need to know how something works, before you can gather experience in other fields. But mere numbers and letters do not get you there. Learning is also listening to others who know more than you do, following practical sessions where these 'old hands' can show you how it is done.

Theory on Composition and Movement - Lida Reeskamp-Blok

Kynokien (NL) 11 February 2021

Lecture: The functional composition and movement of a dog, the make-up of a well-built dog, the influence of composition on a dog's movement and stamina, based on Wout Arxhoek's legacy.

Hormones and Dog Behaviour - Marcel Nijland

Toscanzahoeve (B) 16 October 2020

1 day: The endocrine system: hormonal glands, the brain and hormones, behaviour en hormones, thyroid, gonads, sex glands and the impact on pregnancy but also on behaviour.

Neurology, Behaviour & Medical Conditions - Prof. Paul Mandigers

Toscanzahoeve (B) 18 September 2020

1 day: Composition of the nervous system and the brain in detail, epilepsy, movement disorders (Peripheral Nerve Hyperexcitability, cramps, Paroxysmal Dyskinesia) and other neurologic en medical conditions (Parkinson, dementia, Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome, pain, Chiari-Malformation & Syringomyelia)

How to Handle Diseases in Breeding - Marjoleine Roosendaal

Woofexperience (NL) 17 September 2020

Lecture: Genetic variation, various ways of inheritance, diseases in purebred dog studbooks en how to cope.

Body Detox (human and animal)

Toscanzahoeve (B) 16 September 2020

1 day: Targeted and safe detox of the body, the different phases, methylation and glutathion conjugate, liver values and what to look for.

Choices in Breeding - Marjoleine Roosendaal

Raad van Beheer (NL) 10 September 2020

Lecture: Making choices in the search of a partner or combination and determining which criteria to follow or to exclude in order to safeguard and improve a breed. 

Basic Epigenetics - Ward Nijland

Toscanzahoeve (B) 04 September 2020

1 day: Carcinogenesis, ageing, hereditary material and nutrigenomics/epigenomics.
The different effects of genes on the phenotype in an organism's development. Hereditary changes in gene-function without changes to the molecular DNA-structure. Research on the influence of environmental circumstances on the phenotypical expression in genes..

Breeding and the Breed Standard - Marjoleine Roosendaal

Woofexperience (NL) 27 August 2020

Lecture: Understanding, reading, interpreting and applying the breed standard when searching for a partner or combination in purebred dogs whilst saveguarding and improving the breedtypical traits.

Outcross: how does it work? - Marjoleine Roosendaal

Woofexperience (NL) 13 August 2020

Lecture: Sequel to Inbreeding & Outcross, a practical approach to outcross - the various possibilities and how these can be applied and to which end.

Inbreeding & Outcross - Marjoleine Roosendaal

Woofexperience (NL) 30 July 2020

Lecture: Inbreeding the consequences on a dog's health and the own breed. Outcross and the Plan of Action in theory and in practice.

Advanced Canine Kinesiology & Movement - Marcel Nijland

Toscanzahoeve (B) July 2020

3 days: Expert movement analysis of a dog, the different ways of moving, the influence of physique on movement, practical cases, deviations in walking patterns and a dog's skeleton and their caracteristics in movement.

Organic Food

Toscanzahoeve (B) 05 July 2020

:1 day: Fresh-Meat-to-Go, vegetarian, vegan, raw, BARF and home-made. 
Pressed and extruded kibble, reading and analysing labels, the pros & cons and contra-indicators.

High Sensitivity - What and how?

Toscanzahoeve (B) 04 July 2020

1 day: Dealing with high sensitivity in humans and animals

Basic Canine Massage Therapy - Martine Leyssen

Syntra AB (B) May-June 2020

4 days: The composition and function of the skeleton, the muscles and nerves massage techniques, osteology, contact, stress & calming signals, palpation, effleurage, petrissage, wringing, shaking, vibration, tapping, lifting, kibbler. Performing a full body massage.

Basic Canine Kinesiology & Movement - Marcel Nijland

Toscanzahoeve (B) 24 May 2020

1 day: Movement analysis of a dog, the different ways of moving, the influence of physique on movement, practical cases, deviations in walking patterns and a dog's skeleton and their caracteristics in movement.

MAG-Test - Daya Wakanda Tachunga

Toscanzahoeve (B) 23 May 2020

The MAG (Socially Accepted Behaviour) and TOP (Personality Typing) are the only approved tests - evaluated by a licensed behaviour therapist - for working with therapy dogs and valid in lawsuits.

Biochemisty and Nutrition - Ward Nijland

Toscanzahoeve (B) May 2020

2 days: Biochemistry, methylation, citric acid cycle, AGE’s, fatty acid metabolism, immune system, stimulation/regulation/sedation & the link between behaviour and nutrition in animals.