Exhibit with class, have pride, smile and display character.
If you do, winning takes care of itself

Participating in a dog show is no easy task. It is usually an indoor event where a lot of people and dogs gather. Your dog is judged by a stranger in under five minutes, which can be very stressful for both dog and owner. Because we have competed in a lot of national and international shows, we have learned the ropes and try to help others who are interested in ringtraining and showhandling.

How does a dog show work? What do I need to bring? How does the evaluation go? What will the judge do? How can I show off my dogs best qualities and demonstrate the correct movement? What do I do once I'm in the ring? When do I have to return to the ring? What about the ring of honour?

We noticed that many novice dog owners have a lot of questions. There are numerous small elements which can influence a good evaluation and cause you to no longer see the wood for the trees. It is important to stay calm because your dog will take over any tension you are transmitting.

In specific cases it is better to have someone else show your dog and for you to step out for while. Of course, each case is different and every individual animal requires a different approach, especially when dealing with the breedtypically reserved Saarlooswolfdog.

                   Source: NVSWH Presentation Breed Standard - Construction & Angulations                

As a breed-afficionada and small occasional breeder we accompany our own puppies and their owners before entering the ring. Now we are expanding our services to anyone who wants to start showing, but is not sure how. Observe and be critical to your own dog's strengths and weaknesses is a good starting point.

Send us a message and we will see what we can do for you.  

Not a fan of participating yourself, but still wanting to compete in shows?
We will gladly take on the task as handler for you.