Photo Collection

Look beyond the naked eye and you will see the beauty of one's soul
and the true essence of who they really are 

We often partipate in photoshoots all over Belgium and the Netherlands, just for fun.

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If you'd like to work with us for a shoot, please contact us. 

After 'Arcadia'

2023 © jonnydepony & Big Blue

Photos from our shooting day with Daya for the TV series "Arcadia" at the Fondry des Chiens quarry in Viroinval (B). Take a look behind the scenes of season 1, episode 6 "The Reunion"


2021 © Gertrude Goené FotoGerfie

Some first photos of our trip to Landschaftspark Duisburg in Germany, an abandoned industrial site, where culture, nature and a fascinating light spectacle combined form a unique park landscape.

Forest puppies

2021 © Griet De Coster Fotografie

A trip to the Monastery forest with the 9-week-old puppies and our semi-regular photographer Griet.

Nature Puppies

2021 © Annemiek Müller-Rijnaard Fotografie

Some snapshots among flowers and grass of the 'Undertow' puppies when they were 5,5 weeks old. Beautifully captured by Annemiek who has a soft spot for the Saarlooswolfdog breed.

'Undercover' uncovered

2020 © De Mensen

A peak behind the scenes of the 'Undercover' TV-set. Daya's screentime is only 15 seconds, but there's more to it: the recording itself took about 3-4h.

Here you can see the 'making-of' Season 2, episode 8 "Roadblock"

MOOST Wanted

2020 © Moost Wanted & Alaïa Fonk Art Direction

Advertising campaign for the fall collection of lifestyle brand "MOOST Wanted" with Daya & Kerberos.

For My Fellow Women !

Young Cherokee

2020 © Griet Decoster Photography

7-year-old Jules loves wolves and was very excited to join our own 'wolves' for a day. He had been looking forward to this moment all his life and wished it lasted forever.

He has even named his stuffed toy wolf 'Daya', how adorable !

On that Ass

2020 © On That Ass & Snotyoung Creative Studio

Advertising campaign for underwear brand "On That Ass"
starring Daya & Le'Misun van de Wolfsdreuvnik.

Discover your inner warrior with MASOU.
We dare you to wear it !

Rock 'n' Roll Red Riding Hood

2019 © Amélie Soenen Fotografie & Kick-As

Rock 'n' Roll Red Riding Hood, her brothers and three wolfdogs.
This family wanted a very different Christmas card this year.  
Wishes do come through in this magical fairy tale.

Have a howling Christmas !

Dances with Wolves

2019 © Griet Decoster Fotografie

The Kessel heath as background for the classic theme 'Dances with Wolves': a young girl befriends a pack of wolfdogs and joins them on an adventure.

A wonderful interaction between man and animal !

Puppies in the Monastery Gardens

2019 © Barbara Decré Fotografie

Before our puppybabies left for their respective new forever homes, we had a very nice photoshoot in the monastery gardens of the Redemptorist Fathers in Essen.

An ode to our first litter !

Villers-la-Ville Abbey

2018 © Louisa Moson - Loki Lapinkoira photographe canin

In het green heart of Walloon Brabant, just below Brussels lies Villers Abbey, an old remarkable well-preserved Cistercian abbey, which serves as a background for our pack's first photoshoot.

What a gorgeous result !