the Saarlooswolfdog

family member with a hint of nature itself

Originally a cross-breed between a German Shepherd x European Wolf and intended as a working dog and guide dog, but now a true family dog with a trustworthy and affectionate character.

It is an attentive, careful dog and very attached to its 'pack', but towards strangers and new environments reserved in nature. 

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FCI group 1: Sheepdogs and Cattledogs - no. 311 The Saarlooswolfdog (source:

We have fallen head-over-heels in love with the breed and cannot imagine a life without them. Even though they have very little will-to-please, we continue to look for new ways of motivation and prefer an active lifestyle with our Saarloos: Cani-Cross (running), cycling, long walks in the Belgian Ardennes, Dogsurvival (5 km obstacle course), yes even some mushing (karting) and dock-diving. We also get regular requests for fotoshoots and film & tv assigments.

We can often be found at (inter)national dog shows and championship clubmatches to promote the breed and just because we enjoy participating. For us no polished and styled fakeness, but showing off your dog just the way he or she is, without pretention and in a natural way. And answering questions, a lot of questions. A very special breed indeed. Pure love.

No dog is perfect, but we try to approach the ideal dog per the original breed standard in looks, movement, character & health by using mainly our eyes, in collaboration with experts and supported by the genetics in MyDogDNA - a useful tool to analyse the heriditary caracteristics of parents and compare possible combinations. All our dogs and puppies have their own MyDogDNA profile.

It is very important to us that our dogs end up in fantastic homes with great people and have a beautiful life. For us, the connection, the ideal match between owner and dog comes first.

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