Shows & Breed Specialites

You can see us in action at a lot of international dog shows or breed specialties, where we try to show off our Saarlooswolfdogs' best side. With succes. We're on fire !

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Not all show pictures have been uploaded - coming soon !


DVSWH Breed Specialty, Hattingen (D) 2017

Junior class female

Judge: Regina Blessing (D)

3rd place Excellent

DVSWH Breed Specialty, Hattingen (D) 2017


BSWV Breed Specialty 2017

Junior class female

Langdorp- Wolfsdonk (B)


Jan Ebels (NL)

1st place Excellent


NVSWH Championship Clubmatch 2017

Het Zwarte Water (NL) - Junior class female
1st place Excellent, best junior, 2nd best female (RCAC)