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Arcadia Wolf

02 May 2023

In case you have been watching the new TV series 'Arcadia', chances are you have seen our Daya pop up. After all, she plays a small role in season 1 ...

A new society emerges after a major catastrophe, but because resources have become scarce, a points system - the Citizen Score - determines what you are entitled to. Arcadia follows a law-abiding family whose high score allows them to live a good life. But everything changes when it comes to light that the father of the family has committed fraud to keep the Citizen Score of two of his daughters high.

For a glimpse behind the scenes, go to Photo. You can find the scene itself in Film & TV.

OD wolfsgrauw Saarlooswolfhond

Top 10

24 April 2023

IThe entire Undertow litter has had its first ECVO eye test.

Umbra did her eye test along with mom Daya & half-brother Sciron on 23 November 2022. Voodoo kicked off the 2023-series on 27th March, five puppies (Fenn, Thorgal, Lyss, Loki, Hex) and dad Styx went to the annual eye test day of the Belgian Saarlooswolfdog Club on 1st April, Ubi and Simba made the list complete on April 24th.

We can now proudly say that all nine have received the all clear! This means that no form of eye disease could be spotted. Of course, the results always remain a snapshot, valid for max. 12 months.

All health examination results can be found under Portfolios.

Belgian Junior Champion

15 August 2022

After obtaining three times an Excellent from 3 different judges, Umbra is now Belgian Junior Champion!

- Dulle Griet Open Show, Gent (Paul Jentgen): 1 Excellent, Best Junior, Best of Breed (BOB);
- Brabo Open Show, Brasschaat (Theo Leenen): 1 Excellent, Best Junior, Best of Breed (BOB);
- KVN Aalst Junior & Veteran Day, Geraardsbergen (Liliane De Ridder-Ongena): 1 Excellent, Best Junior, Best of Breed (BOB).

Spending a day with the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

26 June 2022

To study the difference in build, movement and behaviour between the Saarlooswolfdog and the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog on the way to becoming a judge myself, I was honoured to participate in the club match of the CSW Belgium breed club. In the morning I was allowed to award points for the behaviour tests and in the afternoon assist the evaluations under supervision by breed specialist Eva De Wine, who took a lot of time giving feedback on each dog to both me and the owner. Thank you for your confidence and trust !

Champion Luxembourg de Beauté

17 April 2022

Daya Wakanda Tachunga

102nd International Dog Show, Luxemburg
- class: Champion
- judge: Laurent Heinesche (L)
- 1st place Excellent, CACL, CACIB, Best female, Best Opposite Sex (BOS)

track record
International Beauty Champion *** Luxemburg Champion *** German Champion *** Dutch Champion *** Belgian Champion *** Belgian Junior Champion

DVSWH Breed Specialty for Saarlooswolfdogs

30 October 2021

Daya Wakanda Tachunga

- class: Champion
- judge: Prof. Dr. Peter Friedrich (D)
- result: 1st place Excellent, Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH, RCAC, 2nd Best Female

With very strong competition - 61 (!) Saarlooswolfdogs - our girl scored again. Such a nice judge with eye for detail and respect for the breed's nature.

Daya is International Champion

26 October 2021

On a sunny Saturday 24th October, Daya obtained her last CACIB point at the Bundessieger Show in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. She is now International Beauty Champion. Two weeks later she got her final 'Anwartschaft VDH' point for the German championship.

International Beauty Champion *** German Champion *** Dutch Champion *** Belgian Champion *** Belgian Junior Champion

Alpensieger 2021 (D) - Bundessieger 2021 (D) - Dutch Winner 2019 - Belgian Winner 2019 - Benelux Junior Winner 2017 - Belgian Junior Winner 2017 - Best Junior NVSWH Championship Clubmatch 2017 

They're here !

13 June 2021

Our Daya has given birth to 10 puppies. We could see at least 5 blobs on the ultrasound, but we did not expect such a large number. We have 5 males and 5 females, 5 wolfgrey ones and 5 forestbrown, 3 forestbrown males and 2 wolfgrey & 3 wolfgrey females and 2 forestbrown. 

Unfortunately, the smallest forestbrown male did not make it. He died peacefully in his sleep after a day. The other 9 are doing very well. Discover our Undertow litter on our facebook page, where we post regular updates on the puppies and our dogs.

NO MORE PUPPIES AVAILABLE - they have all found their forever homes. News on future planned litters to be found in planned.

Expect the Unexpected

15 April 2021

Caught in the Undertow
We are pulled under into the deep
But out the darkness, we will rise !

Daya has been mated to Styx in mid-April, an ultrasound on 17th May has confirmed her pregnancy. We are expecting wolfgrey and forestbrown puppies by mid-June 2021.

More information on the combination, the parents and the puppies can be found here.

Kerbe x Pixie

31 March 2021

Our Kerberos has become a man... perhaps a Daddy too !
On 27th March we have had a mating between Kerberos Miraja and Harawyn Polderwolf Draakje Pixie.

Kerberos: DM carrier, Dwarfism free, HD A, ED 0/0, ECVO 06/02/2021 all clear, MyDogDNA profile.

Pixie: DM free, Dwarfism free, HD A, ED free (vet's declaration), ECVO 26/01/2021 all clear, MyDogDNA profile.

inbreeding coefficient: 1,17% on 5 generations, 53,38% on all generations
loss of ancestry coefficient (AVK): 90,32% on 5 generations.

Genetic health (GHI) & diversity (GD):
- Kerberos: GHI 95, GD 28,4%
- Pixie: GHI 93, GD 26,9%

in collaboration with Kennel Harawyn-Polderwolf


25 October 2020

Daya plays a small role in the 2nd season of the popular Dutch-Belgian TV-series 'Undercover' - te be viewed on Netflix and the Belgian channel één. The shoots were done in August 2019, but now the episode has finally aired !

Episode 8 'Roadblock' with: Tom Waes, Anna Drijver, Frank Lammers, Elise Schaap, Ruth Becquart, Wim Willaert, Sebastien Dewaele, Rico Verhoeven ánd Daya of course.

Watch it in film & tv or check out photos for the 'making of'.

Moost Wanted

03 September 2020

Daya and Kerberos star in the new advertising campaign of lifestyle brand 'MOOST Wanted'.

Our two grey 'wolves' did their best in photo/film on a sunny afternoon. At first the models found them very impressive and were somewhat afraid, but once the day progressed our Saarloos gained their full trust.

The photo series can be found in photos and the video in film & tv.

The Star of the Show

26 July 2020

For the advanced course Canine Kinesiology & Movement our Daya was practice-dog-for-a-day so we could make a complete movement analysis of build, gait, flexibility in joints, sinews & muscle tone and neurologic tests (reflexes, sensibility, motor skills).

And then you are super proud when your renowed teacher (Marcel Nijland - Canine Kynologisch Advies) calls her "the star of the day".

It's not a small thing running laps all day, people pushing and pulling at you on a table and 'hitting' you with a hammer...

I love her more every day.

Daya passed her MAG-test !

01 June 2020

Last week Daya had her first MAG test. MAG translates as Socially Accepted Behaviour and this method is used to evaluate the character and behaviour of a dog. A therapy dog for example must pass the MAG annually and receive a declaration of good health by a veterinarian. It's a difficult test mentally and we are very pleased that she has PASSED ! She is now allowed to act as a reading dog to children, attend lectures, pay visits to schools ...

The MAG-test takes 20 minutes and consist of 16 parts - 8 with the owner present and 8 without the owner (out of view) *** :

1. the dog is touched by an artificial arm
2. a piece of cloth is pulled up and dropped next to the dog
3. a fake cat is pulled past the dog
4. an alarm goes off for 10 sec next tot the dog
5. some cans with pebbles inside are dropped next to the dog
6. three persons enclose dog & owner with 10 sec eye contact
7. dog & owner are enclosed faster for 10 sec with eye contact
8. the dog is approached by a (fake)dog for 20 sec ***
9. a person greets the dog in a friendly way with an artificial arm ***
10. a person sounds a bell for 20 sec at 2m distance ***
11. a person opens and closes an umbrella at 2m distance ***
12. an artificial child is pulled towards the dog and pauses for 20 sec ***
13. a persons touches the dog with an artificial child ***
14. a person creeps up on the dog with 20 sec eye contact *** 
15. the same person touches the dog with an artificial arm in a friendly way ***
16. the owner returns to the dog holding an artificial child.

The official certificate can be found in accreditation.

Canine Massage Testcase

30 May 2020

We have recently started an specialised course canine massage therapy at Syntra AB in Antwerp.

What makes it more fun is the fact that the course is taught by none other than Martine Leijssen of Paws and Balance, who happens to be our own canine physiotherapist. She has tremendous experience as a therapist, chiropractor and behavioural expert ánd is used to handle our particular Saarlooswolfdog breed.

Daya came to class as practice dog and even though she needed to get used to the face masks, she had no issues with students touching her.

She slept through most of the class actually, while we struggled with the theoretical part. She is such a sweetheart.

After class we had a nice walk in a new nature preserve close to campus with the suitable name 'De Wolvenberg' (Wolf Mountain).

Dog Shows cancelled or postponed

22 April 2020

Due to stricter measures in various countries, the follow dog shows and clubmatches have been postponed or even cancelled.

It may take a while before you can see the Lykos dog in action.

- 99th Int'l Dog Show Luxemburg (L) 14-Apr-2020 > cancelled;
- RSCE Winner Madrid (ES) 23-Apr-2020 > 17-Dec-2020 > cancelled;
- World Dog Show Madrid (ES) 24-Apr-2020 > 18-Dec-2020 > cancelled;
- Dog Show De Utrecht (NL) 10-May-2020 > postponed 2021;
- VDH-SRHA Kampioensclubmatch (D) 24-May-2020: reduced in size;
- Dogshow De Baronie (NL) 06-Jun-2020 > postponed to later date;
- Frühjahrssieger-Ausstellung (D) 12-Jun-2020: cancelled;
- NVSWH Kampioensclubmatch 14-Jun-2020: cancelled;
- AVLS Kampioensclubmatch 20-Sep-2020 > cancelled.

Yes! It is alive, alive... and all mine

07 April 2020

Before you start thinking of some Frankenstein horror movie... I'm talking about our new domain name Let's be honest, it's always handy to have a website that bears the same name as your kennel, isn't it? Not! A short search in the Belgian DNS database resulted in: domain name not available. Darn it.

With "No you have, yes you can get" in my head, I  gathered my courage and sent a message via whatsapp to the mobile number registered to the domain name. Was still linked to this number and would they be willing to transfer the name? A few days later the phone rang: the owner had stopped all activities and would be happy to hand it over. Yes! We still have a few practical issues to deal with, but from end of May this website will have its own page instead of a redirect from